Over at shakesville, there is the following Question of the day:

What was the last encouraging sign (outside the blogosphere) you saw that womanism/feminism is still on the march?

I wish I had a ready answer… but reading the comments is heartening. EDIT: honestly reading them is making me tear up. Some highlights for me:


Also, I got fed up with a friend’s constant use of “hag” and “bitch” when complaining about his female colleagues and yelled at him. He apologized and said he wouldn’t do it anymore, and then said that being told that it was inappropriate and sexist was helpful. I was pleasantly surprised that he didn’t get defensive and make excuses, which is the response I usually get (e.g. “I call everyone a bitch, so it’s gender-neutral.”), and then was flabbergasted when he said it was helpful and please keep doing it. I’ve never heard that from anyone I know outside the blogosphere.


This afternoon, we got life insurance on my husband, and my middle aged insurance agent (with whom we have several policies) actually asked me what my last name was after he already had my husband’s.


I’m a substitute teacher and I had 7th graders – roughly 12-13 years old – the other day. One of the boys – ugh – piped up that ‘boys were better than girls’. Before I could even pick up my jaw from the floor, all four girls and two of the boys basically read him the riot act and spent the rest of the class ‘proving’ him wrong. We didn’t get much math done, but I left a note for the regular teacher and considered it a fair trade off. đŸ™‚


This is a really small thing, but my six year old son and our neighbour, also a boy, played a chasey game a couple of days ago which they built a fantasy world around, involving them taking turns being an “enchantress” character. It really hit me how rarely you see primary school age boys role-playing female characters.

There’s more. It’s the little things…


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