Why I don’t watch movies–much

So. This year I have had cable. It provides the  unique experience that TV brings liberating me from having to choose which tv show on my download list I will have to watch next. Instead, now TV decides for me, spoon-feeding me its rich gooey pablum at its own descretion; I remain free to be fed whatever mama-tube will deem acceptable for me to ingest. Sadly, mama-tubes is a cruel mama. She also feeds me advertisements. And sometimes the mute button is far, far away.

It was during one of these streams of mental warfare/propaganda that we call ‘commercials’ that I saw a trailer for Obsession. Eye twitching, I watched all 40-whatever seconds of it. And, that’s all I needed to see. Watch for yourself this longer version, and my comments will follow:

So… The trailer spells out the plot perfectly. We have a white woman who is ‘obsessed’ with her boss, a black man. Stuff happens. Then, the black wife of the black man has a showdown with the white woman. OMG What’s going to happen?!?!?! So, we have a movie that shockingly plays into ugly racial stereotypes about inter-racial relations with a dash of misogyny. Here’s a list:

1. White women are stealing black men from black women. Like we need to feed into that hateful stereotype anymore.

2. Black men are eroticized and over-sexualized for being black. Oh, but this is a successful black man with power and position. So that stereotype can’t hold. Except that every other stereotype is thrown in here, so why not?

3. Women are obsessed with power and sleep their way to the top. Just a dash of this… lighty salted with it.

4. ANGRY BLACK WOMAN! “I’ll show you crazy”

5. Crazy inter-racial chick fight! HAWT!

6. Really? You want me to subject myself to this?

So. With most movies these days, one can usually tell (not always, sometimes one might be wrong) what a movie is about and guage accordingly. See also Observe and Report. See also 70% of Holleywood movies.  I guage Obsessed to be a pile of crap that I would have to paid to subject myself to.

Continue with your regularly scheduled programming.

h/t: Miss Kitten while watching tv together pointed this out. I was too busy being offended by the misogyny to immediately catch the racism.


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