Back from Haitus

I am back from an undeclared hiatus of moving and tripping to the Middle East. I should be post regularily now. Barring apathy. hah. In the spirit of coming back, let me do a blog-round or something:

The secrets of the feminine exposed: why do women go to the bathroom in pairs? SAFETY.

Gender Across Borders has a post about the American title IX thing, where there must be equal access across genders. The post mentions the myth that women are worse at science and math.  I would like to add a little cross cultural bit to this. In the mythology of India women are considered more adept at math and letters (I’m not sure about science, because this myth has, of course, undergone some changes due to colonization). Take for example the creation myth of Jains: Adinath, the first Jina (think Buddha for Jains) created civilization. His daughters, Brahmi and Sundari, who created math and writing. Now, this is historical mythology. As we might surmise, things have changed in the post-colonial worldview of India. Unfortunately, my ignorance of contemporary Indian understandings of gender divisions regarding math and science needs suplimental research. Either way we answer this question will be telling in regards to the effects of colonialism and globalization on gender in India. Just saying.

FUNNY Chicks: A blog.


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