Anatomy of Rapists

If only this title could be in reference to rapists having some sort of post-mortem. Figuratively, this is a kind of post-mortem, but not the revenge fantasy kind. I have a lot to say about rape culture and masculinity and the failures of men at being able to handle Patriarchy’s messages about masculinity. But, new research coming out is giving us a much better idea of who rapes (aside from Catholic priests). It may lead to some new beginnings for fighting rape on the ground and provide some more data for fighting rape culture. Anyway, the research coming out has been called Predator Theory, and feministe has an excellent post about it.

A related link is one to a post over ion Kate Harding’s blog that coins a term that I have now started using in my daily parlance (yes, daily. I basically use the word Patriarchy 20 times a day without thinking about it): Schrodinger’s Rapist.


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