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Our Sexuality

October 11, 2010

I’m teaching a class on sexuality and I thought I should collect all of my preliminary thoughts about it into one place and, hey, that’s what this blog is for!

So, to begin, I’d like to say that my perspective on sexuality is quite Foucaultian. I think taking into account the insights (whether one agrees or not) of Foucault’s History of Sexuality is necessary for an understanding of our contemporary sexuality. Not only does he provide a very interesting account of where our sexual mores and proclivities belong in a historical continuum, he provides a very interesting methodological perspective about how to think about sexuality. It is not whether we possess in some essential way a certain sexuality, rather it is that we should question where sexuality comes from and what effect certain discourses on sexuality have on producing that sexuality. It is less important, for example, to determine whether or not we possess a repressed sexuality: it is rather to ask what does the very idea that we have a repressed sexuality do? How does thinking we are repressed effect the way we think and act about sexuality.

So, the first insight of The History of Sexuality and probably the most famous is that:

1) Whether or not we are actually repressed, the very idea that we are repressed (which we buy into a lot) impacts us. It makes us want to be liberated from this repression. It allows for a whole swath of discourse and activities open up that make us more and more concerned about sexuality. Because we think we are repressed we intensify our concern with sexuality. The idea of Repression actually produces more and more discourse about sexuality. (more…)


Chart Porn!!! – Teh Gheys edition

May 5, 2010

Click on these images to get the full Monty. Notice that big green blotch in the top left? As much as I dislike nationalism… GO TEAM!

Who needs to “debate” anymore? We have the chart.

Complimentary, back-handed compliment, dig on straight dudes, or truth?


Star Wars is not Ghey!

April 29, 2009

The upcoming video game Star Wars: The Old Republic, has flirted with controversy on the Bioware forums. Just a quick summary, as you can find the info in various places, on the forums the community manager Sean Dahlberg shut down some threads discussing same-sex relations in the MMPORG and also cut out certain words like ‘lesbian’ etc. From io9, we have the post by Sean:

As I have stated before, these are terms that do not exist in Star Wars.

Thread Closed.

Needless to say this caused outrage, counter-outrage, a discussion of rights, the place of sexuality in Star Wars, video games, life, etc. And lots and lots of hand-wringing. Quickly, Bioware has issued a retraction, an apology and a reinsertion and opening of same-sex threads and language on the forum.

Now, I happened to go peruse bioware forum threads regarding this issue after they got reopened. Interestingly, and occasionally sadly, the forums reflect a variety of views on the issue (as I mention in the last paragraph). But, what made me stop reading  was how privileged and subtly homophobic so many of the comments were. Under the guise of two main points–1) It’s just a game, and 2) you’re manufacturing a controversy! (often with the “you’re injecting your sexuality into it!!!)–many many commentators allowed themselves to forget that straight relationships pervade the series, and that there are homosexual relationships in Star Wars already. What hit home most to me was that straight sexuality already pervades the setting. So, the many comments that imply that homosexuals (leave alone BTQI) are imposing their sexuality on the game, don’t realize how the game is already imposing a sexuality. Ahhh… privilage.  The forum is here, and though I couldn’t read more than a page and a half, if anyone can brave it and report back, I’d like to hear other opinions.

Queer Friendly Webcomics

March 27, 2009
There is more, but I can’t be bothered to find them. Other suggestions? I’ve perused lots, but if the art doesn’t appeal to me, I cannot read it.