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Fuzzytheory Roundup

October 5, 2012

I’ve noticed that I have had a few more people viewing my blog as of late. For new visitors, i would like to point out some of my more successful posts–the posts I like the most, and my most popular posts.

The most popular post by far has been A History of Fair-Skin Preference in South Asia, which seems to have hit on a topic of interest for readers.

Recently, there has been great interest in the post What is the Subaltern? It is now the second most viewed post. I like my summary of the basics in this post as well.

My series of posts on the Hijras is some of my favorite posts on this blog, and somewhat popular. Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

Some basic theoretical stuff about homophobia is a global context can be found inĀ Homophobia and the Post-Colonial Predicament.

I do like my posts on sexuality–which are obviously inspired by Michel Foucault. You can see a sample in Our Sexuality.

For those who come here with an interest in Buddhism, try Buddhism Does Not Exist, or Foucault and Buddhism: Redux.

Looking back, I’m surprised I have a couple of posts on Joss Whedon’s universe. Try Whedon and Orientalism for starters.

That is probably enough to get started.

Thanks for coming to my blog, and Enjoy!